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Our Company has been selling standard replacement & high Performance parts for over 25 years. We have shipped engines & parts to customers worldwide. We decided that our customers needed more information so we decided to add extra pages to our Ford 6 cylinder Performance website to expand our customers knowledge of other types of Ford 6 cylinder engines produced worldwide.Our Company not only sell parts from other manufacturers but also manufacturer a range of standard & high performance parts for a wide range of engines that are available direct from us.

Our range of Ford conventional 144,170,221, 200 & 250 Ford parts includes gaskets, water pumps, valve covers, oil pumps, timing gear sets plus many other standard replacement & high performance & speed equipment for Early Ford & Falcon 6 cylinder engines.

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Speed Trials

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Dirt Circuit

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Production Car racing

Ford 250 2V engine parts are getting more difficult to come by. With 250 2V Cylinder heads having not been made for sometime there is still customers and Hotrods restoring, modifiying these engines. Our range of parts for the 250 2V engine is not huge but we are continually searching for redundant and new old stock for there engines

 Many parts have been copied by of shore companies & many manufacturers tooling to produce parts has also been sent off shore it is difficult to know the quality you are getting. We can assure you we do not sell cheap import poor quality replacement parts and where possible supply Australian or USA manufactured parts.

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Custom air brushed alloy rocker cover on this tidy turbo charged 250 Falcon

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Its just not speedway and race car parts we sell, this is a early Ford Falcon repowered with a 250 crossflow engine that we supplied many parts for

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Our parts are being run in many speedway cars, Queensland outlaw saloon car champion Adam has used our products and has contributed them to many of his podium finishes

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